If you buy a kit and one is broken by any rock or baseball you will get a replacement shipped to you at NO COST to you.

After you read the information below you can purchase the GARAGE DOOR WINDOW KIT for under $25 per window here –

Kurt Shafer here, the inventor of this kit. I spent a lot of time looking into materials and sources and ways to cut the garage door openings. Here is what you will get that makes my kit easy to use.

  1. You get 1/4 inch thick plexiglass that is GUARANTEED to be unbreakable.
  2. You can buy an inexpensive sheet metal cutter that works with any electric drill.
  3. You get 4 rivet nuts for each window that you install in the door using an inexpensive tool found everywhere.
  4. You get detailed instructions that are easy to understand.

So the total cost of tools is under $30 and the installation is very simple.



First are the windows themselves. You get thick 1/4 inch plexiglass – did you know that is what is used on golf carts? These are cut to 12 inches high and 16 inches wide – 8 of them fit across my 2 car garage door. Here is my door in Temecula.


The windows are perfect for painting the frame look around the edges. You get these windows with a protective plastic sheet . All you do is cut 1 inch of the sheet off the edge so the remaining sheet is a paint template. Then paint the edge of the plexiglass and peel the plastic sheet off when it is dry. The result is a perfect frame look.


These are incredibly useful because they attach the nut to your garage door so you don’t need another person inside the garage to hold a nut in place.

Here is one example of installing a rivet nut. First you see a “mandrel” – the threaded metal rod that threads into the nut. Below in the picture is a demonstration hole ready for the rivnut.

Below it is ready to be squeezed to lock it in the thin door metal.

Below is a drawing that shows the rivnut squeezed so the body has crimped to hold the rivnut tight on both sides of the sheet.

Below you can see an example of a tool. The thin black tools at the lower right are mandrels that fit this 8-32 nut and others



The rivet nuts and screws are all threaded to #8-32 which means they are .164 inch in diameter with 32 threads per inch. These are easy to get anywhere. If you have a singlesided door it is thin so the 3/4 inch long screws you get will be perfect. If you have a 2 sided door with foam insulation inside, you will want to get screws long enough to go through the thicker door. Below is a diagram of the installation in a thick door. You have the choice to cut a wooden spacer so that you can tighten the screws and not crush the foam in your door or you can put a thread locking fluid in the rivet nut to hold the screw in perfect tension without coming out.

Below is a diagram for you if your door is a 2 sided door with insulation inside. You will need to cut spacers out of wood as thick as the insulation to replace the insulation at the window corners have the mounting screws. I recommend you make 4 spacers, one for the bottom and one for the top that are each 16 inches long so they are at the mounting screw holes. Then 2 spacer for the sides each 12 inches minus the height of the top and bottom spacers. The rivnuts will be in the inside surface of the door and will be perfect for holding the bottom spacer in place while the end spacers are put in place. If you would like my advice as you read this feel free to call me

Installation guide for cutting door

The door is cut using a “nibbler” that is driven by any electric drill you might have.

Purchase the GARAGE DOOR WINDOW KIT for under $25 per window here –